GMiniTrans 1.1:

Full unicode support.

Allows translation of longer phrases.

Editor language list improved.


Added GMiniTrans.

StayOnTopTxt 1.2:

When you press control key with double-clic, it select only a word (without spaces), and includes the character '_'; then the selected word is copied to clipboard automatically.

Saves and loads the position and sizes of the program window.

Multiple pages.

RTF text.

Several language translation.

New help.

Added new actions:

Reload saved text (Ctrl-O).

Auto-load (the saved text) when program starts (commute with Ctrl-L), only usefully when Auto-save/load option is disabled.

Prompt for save (the modified text) when program closes (commute with Ctrl-P), only usefully when Auto-save/load option is disabled. Auto-save each time.

CopyOPascal 2.0 :

Improved list file editor for alphabetical and structured sort of uses section: now each element can be generated automatically by selecting the directory.

Two display modes for main windows. Now it keep the position of windows.

Several language translation.

Changes in multiples files for:

1. alphabetical and structured sort.

2. annotation of the name of the constructor, destructor, procedure or function between the (closing) end word and the semicolon.


Added to ScanFiles the procedure of Replacing a word list by other words or text.


Added: ChDate, ScanFiles and UniViewer.

AddNum 1.1: Added: it adds the numbers to text copied from clipboard.

CopyOPascal 1.7: The font of buttons of Clipboard text sort change to red or green if a text has been changed or not respectively. Option of disable the Windows sort unit within the command of uses units sort.

Installer with optional installation of the programs.


CopyOPascal: Change file list system to use in to sort the filename list in program uses statement.

Added the program AddNum.