There is the main library.

The next are: TntEx and JMNTnt.


Previously you need install the last version of

TntWare Delphi Unicode Controls package, this project has been left behind, then you can use the last free version that is attached with my source.


Contains (in grey not supported):


TTntMainMenu, TTntPopupMenu, TTntLabel, TTntEdit, TTntMemo, TTntButton, TTntCheckBox, TTntRadioButton, TTntListBox, TTntComboBox, TTntScrollBar, TTntGroupBox, TTntRadioGroup, TTntPanel, TTntActionList.


TTntBitBtn, TTntSpeedButton, TTntMaskEdit, TTntStringGrid, TTntDrawGrid, TTntImage, TTntShape, TTntBevel, TTntScrollBox, TTntCheckListBox, TTntSplitter, TTntStaticText, TTntControlBar.


TTntTabControl, TTntPageControl, TTntRichEdit, TTntTrackBar, TTntProgressBar, TTntUpDown, TTntHotKey, TTntAnimate, TTntDateTimePicker, TTntMonthCalendar, TTntTreeView, TTntListView, TTntHeader, TTntStatusBar, TTntToolBar, TTntCoolBar, TTntPageScroller.


TTntPaintBox, TTntMediaPlayer, TTntOleContainer.

Data Controls

TTntDBGrid, TTntDBNavigator, TTntDBText, TTntDBEdit, TTntDBMemo, TTntDBImage, TTntDBListBox, TntDBComboBox, TTntDBCheckBox, TTntDBRadioGroup, TTntDBLookupListBox, TTntDBLookupComboBox, TTntDBRichEdit, TTntDBCtrlGrid, TTntDBLookupListBox, TTntDBChart.


TTntOpenDialog, TTntSaveDialog, TTntOpenPictureDialog, TTntSavePictureDialog.

Procedures, functions, etc.

A lot of:

Added, in the WideString libraries v 3.5.1: Add DisplayLabel property (that is not required for Delphi 2006) to existent TntFields, and subsequently created: TTntIntegerField, TTntSmallintField, TTntLargeintField, TTntWordField, TTntAutoincField, TTntCurrencyField, TTntBooleanField and TTntFloatField.

For use the Maël Hörz's patch Unicode support for exceptions do:

Add in dpr unit, before the Application.Initialize; the line: [TntForms.]InitTntEnvironment;.

Replace all Exception.Create ('...'), EDatabaseError.Create ('...'), etc. for [TntSysUtils.]WideException.Create ('...');