Tnt & TntVNew versions


A lot of functions and procedures have been renamed for to more easy the conversion from non-Tnt program to Tnt-program. Look at here for list.


Updated Jv Components to last JVCL version (3.37).

Full package and folder reorganization:

JMNTnt -> JMNTnt and JMNTntSm

JMNTntObjRepos -> JMNTntObjReposSm

JMNTntObjReposSF -> JMNTntObjReposBl

Updated po files.

A lot of to rename files.

For Tnt:

TntButtons: TTntBitBtn: Added HintEditor and SetBiDiMode.

TntClasses: Added TUnicodeLinesEditor.

TntControls: Added TTntKeyPressEvent from TntControls2.

TntDBCtrls: TTntDBEdit: added HintEditor and OnKeyPressW.

TntStdCtrls: Added OnKeyPressW to TTntEdit and TTntMemo. TTntLabel: Added CaptionEditor and HintEditor.

TntWideStrUtils: Added WStrUntilDelimiter.

For TntEx:

Added TTntJvMainMenu, TTntJvPopupMenu, TTntJvTimeEdit.

TntClasses2: TUnicodeLinesEditor moved to TntClasses.


TntButtons2 -> the new properties of TTntBitBtn2 moved to old TTntBitBtn.

TntControls2 -> TTntKeyPressEvent moved to TntControls.

TntDBCtrls2 -> the new properties of TTntDBEdit2 moved to old TTntDBEdit.

TntStdCtrls2 -> the new properties of TTntEdit2, TTntLabel2, TTntMemo2 moved to old TTntEdit, TTntLabel and TTntMemo.

TntWideStrUtils2 -> WStrUntilDelimiter moved to TntWideStrUtils.

TntJvDBGridS: solved bug when Application.UseRightToLeftAlignment = True.

For JMNCommon:

DataSetCom: added TAddRecords0.

MessFont00: Changed var names: IconIDs -> MsgDlgTIconIDs and ButtonNames -> MsgDlgBtnNames.

Several0: Added PostKeyEx32, ByteToFontStyles, FontStylesToByte.

StrNumU: Moved from TntRZNEdit0: CheckValueLongint, CheckValueReal, LongintValueValid, RealValueValid. IntegerFormat: changed and FloatFormat: solved bug.

New units:

DbCStat, with TQtVStatCalc [from old JMN_VNew_DXD].


For JMNTnt:

TntMIni -> TntDMMIni and TntLnkIni: now only for JMNTntSm.

TntDbNavNew0 -> TntDbNavNew0 and TntDbNavNew, now the published control is TTntmoDBNav.

Deleted units:

TntMIniGLLS (JMNTnt_ObjR_DXR.dpk).

TntRZNEdit2: its content has been moved to TntRZNEdit0 and TntRZNEdit.

Deleted Packages:

JMNTnt_0_DXR (its content has been moved to JMNTnt_SmBl_DXR).

JMNTnt_PxM_DXR (its content has been moved to JMNTnt_SmBl_DXR).

JMNTnt_PxM_DXD (its content has been moved to JMNTnt_SmBl_DXD).

JMNTnt_CCopy0_DXR (TntCCopyDlg0 has been moved to JMNTnt_SmBl_DXR).


New component:

TntDataSetUCom: solved bug in StrFromFieldNames and StrFromDisplayLabels. Deleted FAsWideString, -> TntDB.GetAsWideString.

TntDataSetU and TntDataSetUSF: modified AddRecords, AddRecordsA and AddRecordsLF.

TntDateEditAppr0: Added Required property.

TntDbNum0: NotFormat property delete: New property: WithThousandSeparator.

TntdnPxMask: raise errors -> TntELog0.RaiseErrorOnlyMess.

TntEdiTAmp0: ColorNormal and ColorWarning properties deleted. ColorWarning has been replaced by TntEdiDaTi.clEdiBgWarning. Deleted TTntCustomComboBoxRWLI.AddLastInput.

TntEdiTime0: TTntEditTimeMP0 Required property with changes of edit color.

TntExtMemo: Deleted TTntMemoExtWhenChange -> TTntMemoExt (which contains the TTntMemoExtWhenChange properties)
Added OnChangePos property, deleted WhenAnyChange procedure.

TntFileUtilM0: Deleted functions:
FileIsReadOnlyW -> use TntSysUtils.WideFileIsReadOnly
FileSetNotReadOnlyW -> use TntSysUtils.WideFileSetReadOnly (FN, False)
FileSetReadOnlyW -> use TntSysUtils.WideFileSetReadOnly (FN, True)

TntJvSpinR0: Deleted WinControlTitle. Added ValidL and changes in Color for Required property.TntTRZNE0 -> TntTRZNEdit0: KeyDown deleted, KeyPress modified, added WMPaste.

TntTRZNEdit: full restructured. clDefWarning -> moved and renamed to TntEdiDaTi.clEdiBgWarning. ColorNormal and ColorWarning properties deleted. ColorWarning has been replaced by TntEdiDaTi.clEdiBgWarning. FontColorNormal and NotFormat properties deleted. Moved to StrNumU: CheckValueLongint, CheckValueReal, LongintValueValid, RealValueValid. TTntEditReal0 and TTntEditVReal0 with new properties: MaxVExcluded, MinVExcluded.

TntIABasicCtrls: added CMBiDiModeChanged.

TntIADBCtrls: full restructured -> TntIADBCtrls0 and TntIADBCtrls.

TntIAExtCtrls: full restructured -> TntIAExtCtrls0 (and added CMBiDiModeChanged) and TntIAExtCtrls.

TntPBJustOne: full restructured -> TntPBAppInstC and TntPBJustOne (only for JMNTntBl). Added example.

TntStrAnal: Add FindInText, StrOkWithFilePattern/s.

TntEdiTAmp0: procedure SetText -> integrated as property Text. Bug fixed: in TTntCustomEditR not salved Required = False.

TntSeveral: Deleted: RS_FromDialog -> Menus.cDialogSuffix; added: FillFileList, DeleteDialogSuffix, ActL_DeleteDialogSuffix, AddItemToStrList, DBGDefaultWidth, DBGSetWidthTo1Column, JvDBGSetWidthTo1Column.

For JMNTntBl:

New: TntExtMemoBl: with TTntMemoExtBl and TTntMemoExtPresLBl.

TntMIniGLLSF: Added AdjustMemo, AdjustToolBar0WVis, AdjustToolBarWVis

TntFTrans: Added PrepRetranslate.

TntJvToolEdit and TntJvToolEditBl: Solved bug for non ASCII characters (by default) in FilenameEdit and DirectoryEdit. Add new property (and standard dialogs) for FilenameEdit and DirectoryEdit: UseOldWin (default = False).


For TntEx: renamed unit TntJvMemDS to TntJvMemoryDataset.

CtrlPS0 has been deleted, their objects has been moved to TntCtrlPS, and added IniFileLoad/Save.

For JMNCommon: TntParseClass0: Added TIntegerList0.

For JMNTnt:

TntIABasicCtrls: new property: AutoSize [-> TntSeveral: deleted procedure SetCheckBRadioBWH]; and fix any bugs.

TntDbNavNew0: add UserSayYesH, Add DeleteRecs and fixed delete bug.

TntELog0: added procedures RaiseErrorOnlyMess and RaiseErrorFmtOnlyMess.

TntMessFont: added WideInputADateXY and WideInputADateC.

TntParseExpr0: fixed bug for Power function when the second parameter was < 1; Added CubRt (cube root).

New units:

TntDateEditAppr0 and TntDateEditAppr: new component TTntDateEditAppr.

TntDbNum0 and TntDbNum -> new components: TTntDBIntegerEdit and TTntDBFloatEdit.

TntEdiCpx0 and TntEdiCpx -> new component: TTntEditCpx.

TntEdiTime0 and TntEdiTime -> new components: TTntEditTime, TTntEditTimeLim and TTntEditTimeMP.

For JMNTntBl:

TntComCtrlsBl: Added a call to ResetLabels on ChangePage.

TntFTrans: Add a hotkey automatic assignment (Alt-character key sequence) for the labeled controls, in runtime.

TntJvMemoryDatasetBl: Added PostErrorH and moved property DisplayText from TTntJvMemoryData.

TntMessFontSF: Added WideInputADateXYBl and WideInputADateCBl.

New units:

TntDateEditApprBl: new component TTntDateEditApprBl.

TntEdiTimeBl -> new components: TTntEditTimeBl, TTntEditTimeLimBl and TTntEditTimeMPBl.


StrUtil00: DelAmpersand has been deleted (moved to StrUtil0), and added in the TntStrUtil0 unit DelAmpersandCW.

Several0: Added ColorName and MessToTracker.

TntDbNavNew0: TTntmoDBNavRow0 and TTntDBGridRow have been deleted; Hints only public.

TntDbNavNewWBI: TTntmoDBNavRowWBI0 has been deleted.

For Tnt: TntIniFiles unit has been added to package TntUnicodeVcl_RX0.

New units, with examples for its use:

For JMNCommon: TntParseClass0 and TntDMWinPlot0.

For JMNTnt: TntParseClass, TntParseExpr0, TntParser0, TntParseExpr, TntParser, TntDMWinPlot, TntExtMemo.

For JMNTntBl: TntParseExprSF and TntParserSF units, and component modification (and inclusion of new ones) so you don't have to keep in mind possible assignments to OnEnter and OnExit can modify the component diction for people who use screen reader. Now says Alt + Char (Char = C from control &Caption).

TntFTrans: public var MinAppliOnMinClick: Boolean; True by default, minimizes the application when the minimize button of dialog windows is clicked. Changes for to speak components due to most common use of OnEnterBl and OnExitBl.

New examples: an alternative to MinMode, for new units (Parser and WinPlot).


TntDataSetUCom unit: added CharsYesNoIADBCheckBox.

TntStrUtil0 unit: Add: Zero-width space char numbers


TntJvDBGridS: correct response to MouseWheel and fix bug: it solves a problem on display some unusual characters,
when the cell grid is not in edition mode.

New DMTrans unit: TDMTranslate is an ancestor for all TDataModule that will perhaps require a translation. Consecutive changes in others TDataModule.

TntSeveral: several changes/fixes in TTntResizeBtnArray.Resize.

TntFTrans: Fixed bugs: TTntMenuItem.Check, not Say label and OnEnterBl lost. Change in WithoutBackWindowMess operation.



Update Maël Hörz's patch Unicode support for exceptions.



Renamed : RepeatedChrNumInStr -> CharCount.
Added: StrReplaceChars, StrCount

Renamed unit: TntIACheckControlJ -> TntIABasicCtrls. Renamed controls: TTntCheckBoxMLines -> TTntIACheckBox, TTntRadioButtonMLines -> TTntIARadioButton.

New components: TTntIARadioGroup, TTntIADBCheckBox, TTntIADBRadioGroup, TTntIARadioGroupBl, TTntIADBCheckBoxBl, TTntIADBRadioGroupBl.

In the previous controls: the images are changed to a bigger ones when TFont.Size > 12. New example. Also Alignment property values for Right and Left now has a similar aspect to standard TTntCheckBox and TTntRadioButton, then the default value is taRightJustify. The AutomaticWrap property has been renamed to WordWrap.

Obsolete components:

TTntCheckBoxBl -> TTntIACheckBoxBl.
TTntRadioGroupBl -> TTntIARadioGroupBl.
TTntDBCheckBoxBl -> TTntIADBCheckBoxBl.
TTntDBRadioGroupBl -> TTntIADBRadioGroupBl.

TTntRadioGroupRBl -> TTntIARadioGroupBl and Required = True
TTntDBRadioGroupRBl -> TTntIADBRadioGroupBl
and Required = True

Consecutive changes in TntFTrans, and TntMessFontSF (TTntRadioButton replacement).

TntSeveral: deleted unnecessary funtions: GetCaptionHeight and GetFontHeightMod.

Packages changes: created JMNTnt_CCopy0_DXR.

Units arrangement: TntInst0, TntInst and TntInstSF.


VCtrls: Added AlignLeftCtrlsOfWC, AlignTopCtrlsOfWC, AlignLeftTopCtrlsOfWC.

TntIACheckControlJ: the images of its controls are changed to a bigger images when TFont.Size > 12.

Tnt has been divided in two units TntCCopyDlg0 and TntCCopyDlg.

All pas units headings has been homogenized.


VCtrls: Renamed several functions:

*Control* -> *Ctrl*
WidthCtrls -> CtrlsWidthAll
MaxWidthCtrls -> CtrlsWidthMax
MaxBottomChildren -> ChildCtrlsBottom
MaxRightChildren -> ChildCtrlsRight

TntMabSave: Added TTntNewIniFile.ReadStringNN.

TntMIniGLLSF: Added TopOfGroup.

TntMessFont and TntMessFontSF: solved bug for display non Ascii characters.


Resourcestring of TntDataSetU and TntDataSetUSF has been moved to TntDataSetUCom.

DataSetUTF7 bug fixed.

DataSetUTF, now in three units: DataSetUTFCom, DataSetUTF and DataSetUTFSF (with new DataSetFromUTFSF).

New component: TntJvDBGridSBl, and following changes in TntFTrans (replaced TntJvDBGridS for TntJvDBGridSBl).


Several0: Added: MenuItemsEnab and MenuItemsVis.

DataSetCom: Added: DSAfterScrollDownUp.

TntDataSetUCom: Added: FAsWideString.

TntDataSetU and TntDataSetUSF: Modified: ResRewAppTF00.

TntFileUtilMSF: Added: FileExistsSetNotReadOnlyMessWSF.


Added below the resourcestring statement of units the several languages with the usual languages directives.

TntIACheckControlJ: New properties: for all components: Action; and for TTntCheckBoxMLines: AllowGrayed and State. Since its adaption for screen readers: a little display error without solution, when click this components.


Solved bug TTntLabelWC.

New directives: WithPoF (contained in, ForBlind and ForBlindSpk (contained in


AddRecordsXX: moved to TntDataSetUSF from TntDataSetCom and display the record when occur an error.

Rebuild of

TntEdiTAmp -> TntEdiTAmp0, TntEdiTAmp and TntEdiTAmpBl.

TntRfEdit -> TntRfEdit0, TntRfEdit and TntRfEditBl.

WithEditFontMess property has been deleted from TntRZNE0 components. For messages with appropriate font for:

TTntEditReal, TTntEditInteger, TTntEditCardinal, TTntEditVReal, TTntEditVInteger and TTntEditVCardinal, use TntRZEditBl components.

In Several0: added new proc/func LocateMenuItemFromOther and MenuItemXXXXFromOtherX, used for programs for blind users which use NVDA, then it is required duplicate the MainMenu without images, since if MainMenu contains images the assignment MainMenu.Images := nil doesn't enables NVDA to pronounce the menu items correctly. With an example.

New components:

EdiTAmpBl: TTntDBRadioGroupRBl, TTntRadioGroupRBl, TTntDBEditRBl, TTntDBEditTxtBl, TTntDBEditNameBl, TTntEditRBl, TTntEditFileNameExtBl, TTntEditOnlyFileNameBl, TTntEditTxtBl, TTntEditNameBl, TTntComboBoxRBl, TTntComboBoxRWLIBl, TTntPxMaskEditRBl. With an example.

TntLabelWC: TTntLabelWC.

TntRfEditBl: TTntRFilterEditBl.

TntRZNumBl: TTntEditRealBl, TTntEditIntegerBl, TTntEditCardinalBl, TTntEditVRealBl, TTntEditVIntegerBl and TTntEditVCardinalBl. With an example.

In TntMessFontSF:

TTntEditVInteger -> TTntEditVIntegerBl, used in WideInputIntegerXYBl
TTntEditVReal -> TTntEditVRealBl, used in WideInputExtendedXYBl and WideInput2ExtendedXYBl


TntDataSetU: Several functions and procedures have been moved to new units: DataSetCom and TntDataSetUCom.

Moved TntDbNavNewWBI to JMNTntBl folder.


JMDSetSort and JMDSetSort procedures and renamed to DataSetSort and DataSetSortOpt, and changed their first paramenter.

Added: DataSetExpOpcSet property, used from TFrSingleGrid0SF.


Arranged example: TntMessFontInput.

TntSeveral: Added TTntResizeBtnArray.AfterFlip property.

TntMessFontSF: WideInputBoolXYBl and WideInputBoolCBl: new Param UserIsBlind.

TntJvToolEditBl: Added a info message on TTntJvCustomComboEditBl, when DirectInput = False and a key is pressed.

Bugs solved in:

TntMessOtherSF, Buttons font of WideCreateMessageXDialog.
TntDialogsBl and TntFileCtrl2Bl: on display form when SysLocale = MiddleEast

Added new example: TntMessFontInput.


Now: TntSaveDLim -> TntSaveDLim0 and TntSaveDLim.

Bug solved when TntHelpFile := HelpFile -> deleted all references to HelpFile.

Added: TntSaveDLimSF, that links to TntFSaveFSF.

Bug solved when TntHelpFile := HelpFile -> deleted all references to HelpFile.


TntHtmlHelpAPI: changed HelpFile:WideString -> TntHelpFile: TWideFileName, for avoid the confussion with Form.HelpFile. Consecutive changes were made in the units: TntMabSave, TntMessUsual, TntMessOther, TntMessFont.

A new TntForm: TTntFHlp, who intercepts the F1 key press in TForm. So, a lot of forms now are TTntFHlp descendants.

The change HelpFile:WideString to TntHelpFile: TWideFileName -> consecutive changes in TntMessOtherSF and TntMessFontSF.

TntMIniGLLSSF: added the properties LangsDir, PrgLang and PrgLangDir for multilanguage application support.

Since TTntFHlp creation, a lot of forms now are TTntFHlp descendants, for example: TntFTrans.

Added a help sample in the existent project JMNTntObjReposSF\Demos\NoSpeech\NoSpeech.dpr.


VCtrls: added MaxBottomChildren, MaxRightChildren.

TntMessFontSF: use TTntMemo instead of TTntLabel for dispay information for inputs with container, for blind users


StrNumU: added VarComplexToRI from TntMessFont.

TntMabSave: added ReadVInteger and WriteVInteger

TntMessFont -> MessFont00 in Lib\JMNCommon\Source, TntMessFont0, TntMessFont,

Modifications in MessFontSF and TntMessOtherSF.


TntCtrlPS: added a new object TAliWidthTC with a property TitleCapt (it solves the rare problem when Title.Caption <> Field.DisplayLabel).


Several0, added: ReverseColor and ReverseColorX.

Replaced WideString to TWideFileName, where string is referred to a Path or a FileName.

TntEdiTime: Added properties OnKeyDown, OnPresYear, OnPresMonth, OnPresWeek, OnPresDay, OnPresHour and OnPresDecILI.



Several0, added: ShortCutAsConst.

TTntMemo2: TTntMemo adds OnKeyPressW property.

In the same way: TJvMemo adds OnKeyPressW and OnCLinePos (on change line position of cursor) property.

TntSeveral: Added CreateMenuItem, CreateMenuItemM and CreateMenuItemP, for menus created in runtime. Solved SetRadioGroupWH and SetDBRadioGroupWH bugs

TntELog now is inherited from a new unit TntELog0 (this new unit is used for TntELogSF of JMNTntBl library).

TntEdiTAmp: added TEditFileNameExt.

Solved two bugs: in DelAmpersandW and WideLoCase of unit TntStrUtil0.

TntIACheckControlJ: solved bug OnClick event when space bar is used.

Added a new package: JMNTnt_ObjR_DXR that contains three units used in the library JMNTntBl: TntMIni, TntLnkIni and TntMIniGLLS (used in JMNTntBl library).


Added TntDbNavNewWBI a modification from TntDbNavNew0 with optional large images.

A little modification of some DbNavNew images.

A little modification in TntStrAnal.StrReplaceText.

Elimination of TntEdiTimeReg.TStrOrdProperty that produces an internal Delphi error U1294.


Added TntTextToSpeech, an adaptation of TntTextToSpeech from of Bergamini and Chen Yu, with their examples adapted to WideString.

Added TTntWAVFile: a modification of TWAVFile from Jurgen Faul, with their example adapted to WideString.


Solved a little bug in font size of the buttons of CreateMessageFDialog of TntMessFont unit.

Added TTntDbf: a TDbf with WideString path (and names).


New: Ralf Junker's DIMime unit in JMNCommon\Source, and TntDIMime in JMNTnt\

Added instructions.

TntButtonWithColor: property ChangeFontColor

TntDbNavNew0: when mnbAddInsert or mnbAddAppend Buttons are clicked then ClickInsert is called. DBGrid property for multiple deletion of records.

TntFileUtilM: function ForceDirMessW.

TntSeveral: various procedures, SetCheckBoxX[X] and SetRadioButtonsX[X].

New unit TntVCtrls


In TntJvDBGridS.pas added a TTntJvDBGridS.OnKeyPressW: TTntKeyPressEvent.

TTntJv0TipOfDay with a new properties: Initial tip frame sizes. Look at a new enhanced example.


TTntJv0TipOfDay has been moved to JMNTnt_VNew_DXR.dpk and JMNTnt_VNew_DXD.dpk.

Moved from TntEx: TTntJv0TipOfDay. Adding TTntJv0TipOfDayF. Now is design time sizeable according to new Font property.


Add component TTntIBFont.

Add unit TntHtmlHelpAPI -> modification in unit MabSave.


TntIACheckControlJ, bugs solved.

TntMessFont: add a input functions: InputBool, InputString, InputInteger, InputIntegerFromList, InputOkRBtnAnswerFromList, InputIntegerSE, Input2IntegerSE, InputExtended, Input2Extended, InputEDate, InputTime, InputStringList.

Add a Unicode version of ImageFileLib: this library, Delphi programs can read and write BMP, PNG, MNG, PCX, TIFF and JPEG 2000 bitmaps. RAS, PNM, PGM, PPM, HIPS images can be loaded, but not created. TntSeveral.FNImgToImage, load this image files.

TntEdiTime with TTntEditTime, TTntEditTimeLim and TTntEditTimeMP.

TTntPxMaskEditR with empty value color.



Updated for JVCL version 3.33

Added new JVCL components: TTntJvImgBtn.

Added new unit: TntGraphics2.pas


Several procs/funcs. are added:

in TntSeveral: SetCheckBoxWH, SetRadioButtonWH, SetRadioGroupWH, ConvertBMP2WMF, FNImgToImage, SetHintH, SetHintAndPointCaption, BtnsHeightResize.

in TntFileUtilM: SingleFileOpenW, ProgramVersion.

in TntMabSave: WinVersion, UseUserProfile.


Tested under Delphi 7.



Source is stored in the Source folder, all examples in Examples folder, and so on. is added, and others amendments, thanks to Marcin Sobanski .

New examples:

TntEdi2Lab2BB2JvSB: for TTntLabel2, TTntEdit2, TTntBitBtn and TTntJvSpeedBtn

TntNumConv\: for integer and float conversion to strings.


Source is stored in the Source folder, all examples in Examples folder, and so on. Packages have been renamed. Component palette 'Tnt Additional 2' has been divided in two 'Tnt JMN Edits' and 'Tnt JMN Others'.

TntButtonWithColor: now: Font.Color changes according to Backgroung color if Font.Color is clWindowText. And a new example over this component.

Several TntEdiTAmp modifications:

Paradox mask inputs (TTntPxMaskEdit and TtntPxMaskEditR).



Update all JVCL derived components of this TntEx library from JVCL version 3.0 to 3.2.

Full properties and procedures for TntJvEdit and TntJvMemo.

Added 11 new JVCL components: TTntJvLabel , TTntJvButton, TTntJvBitBtn, TTntJvPanel, TTntJvGroupBox, TTntJvCheckBox, TtntJvRadioButton, TTntJvRadioGroup, TTntJvComboBox, TTntJvColorComboBox and TTntJvFontComboBox .

TntUnicodeControlsJVCL_*.dpk has been renamed to TntJvDB_*.dpk and its two components TTntJvEdit and TTntJvMemo has been moved to TntJv_*.dpk.

TntDbEx: has been deleted TTntCalcWideStringField (because not running correctly) and TTntMemoField (because already exists in TntDB).

The next files has been moved from TntVarious_DX.dpk to TntVNewX.dpk: TntButtonWithColor, TntDirMon and TntIACheckControlJ.

About property is added for all components.


The next files has been moved from TntVarious_DX.dpk of TntEx Update:



Add TntJvTipOfDayDemo

in TntDBCtrlsEx.pas

TTntDBNavigator bug solved (changes in Hints in design time):

Thanks to Thang Vu Quang .


English text (in po/pas files) has been revised.



Add packages for Delphi7

Add components: TTntFileListBox, TTntDirectoryListBox, TTntDriveComboBox

Solved bug in

TTntJvCustomDBGridS.DrawColumnCellUTF7 when Application.UseRightToLeftAlignment


solved a bug StrMoveW, etc. when Delphi7 and up versions

add TntADOSB.dcr


remove WideSelectDirectory2

Add TntDirMonDemo

Add Basque and Galician po files for TntJv0TipOfDay



Analyse composed WideChar (for example: À -> A+`.).

Find compatible WideChar (for example: ¨=$00A8 == ' '=$0020 + ¨±$0308).

Find Block of WideChar ('Basic Latin', 'Cyrillic', 'Armenian', etc.).

Add StrUtil00 and StrAnal units for string functions.


bug: now supports WideString Filename.

new: procedure WriteErrorToFile (const Mess: WideString);

There are different modalities to open the Log file.

Demo has been added.

TntInst and TntInst0:

for to make a link to the program, also contains a demo. Also make association, and modifications of Windows registers.

TntBtnResizeDemo for resize Buttons according to the caption.


Add: Align left or rigth to controls array (AlignLeftCtrls and AlignRightCtrls).

Add: Moving to controls array: HoritzMoveCtrls (CA: array of TControl;  Delta: Integer);

Basque and Galician po files are added.