It contains the shared units corresponding to my programs of open code:

General purpose: ATCalc, GMiniTrans, Mecanog.

Medical: CalcObes, ICDManager, OpenRetina, WDents.

For program translators: PoNewEdit.

For programmers: BdeToSQL, HlpToChmTools, JMN-Tools, UpdatePoFile.


ATCalc: From single(or scientific) calculator to estructured programming environment (pascal style): Input, graphic (display of functions; direct draw; with display, capture, import and export of images) functions; tests, ... For people with visual problems.

BdeToSQL: Design (and executes) scripts for to create MySQL, SQLite or PostgreSQL databases and tables, from existent Paradox(.db) / dBase(.dbf) tables. Adds, updates (or both) data from Paradox / dBase tables to MySQL, SQLite or PostgreSQL ones. Displays this tables.

CalcObes: This program has its origin in the Obesity Guidelines of the Sanitary Region of Girona (Catalonia-Spain). It is intended for physicians and nurses of primary healthcare, endocrinologists and dietitians.

GMiniTrans: A translator program that uses the Google Translator. Automatically (on click the program) translate the word (or phrase/s) of the clipboard, then the translation is copied to the clipboard.

HlpToChm Tools: These are a programs set to help you for the conversion from hlp to chm files. Creating files htm, h, hhc. Uno de los programas también los comprueba la integridad de los enlaces.

ICDManager: Database application for ICD-9 (International Classification Diseases), a complex management and search of diseases and procedures. Source code and helps in Catalan, Spanish and English. Database in Catalan.

JMN-Tools: Programmer tools.

Mecanog: Program for learning typing.

OpenRetina: Database application for specialized ophthalmologists in medical-surgical retinology. Alpha version.

PoNewEdit (for program translators) and UpdatePoFile (for programmers); they are an alternative editors to Poedit.

WDents: Database application for public health sector dentists and bucodental health epidemiologists. Includes odontogram, elaboration reports, statistical analysis, representation and export of data, potent query editor, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) visit, etc.. Pretty soon a new version 1.4.